Sunday, October 11, 2009

What color shoes should I wear with this dress?

This isn't actually the dress but it's the same color and stuff, mine is actually strapless and shorter, but I can't decide what color shoes/accessories would go with them. Any suggestions?

What color shoes should I wear with this dress?
i'd suggest that you get silver or pewter colored dressy sandals. metallics are still really hot, and will look amazing with this dress, and will be able to be used with many other outfits as well. and a metallic clutch, maybe wiith some embellishment, ie semiprecious stones, embroidery, sequins, something to set the outfit off, it's a plainish dress, which means that you can glitz up with the accessories and not look tacky.
Reply:You should wear the colour Burple.
Reply:white wud make it look summer-y
Reply:its a nice dress and colour, you should definatly wear silver shoes and accessories because thats what i wore when i wore that colour dress and thats what a consultant told me it looks hot with silver i tried it and it looked very nice
Reply:I would wear a pair of silver sandals. They would look cute with that dress.
Reply:black or white



Reply:get pearl white accesories and shoes!
Reply:Some strappy silver shoes and a nice silver necklace or earrings. My friend had a dress similar to that for her senior prom a couple of years ago and wore silver w/it. It looked hot and she got a TON of compliments. Do NOT do yellow or white!
Reply:silver would be my first choice then black

thats a very pretty color too! ♥
Reply:silver or gold would make the dress color noticed =)
Reply:blue..a shoe thats the same color as the dress.

don't wear black. black DOES NOT go with everything........

and white will make the outfit look too top heavy.

if you're going for an eccentric look, a yellow pump would also look great with that dress. if you do this, however, choose a bag that matches your dress(blue) not your shoes(yellow)..

this second look is what i would choose.
Reply:1] shoes - same color as dress[ periwinkle blue? ], navy, silver, gold,or nude; heeled sandals, peep toe, or sling backs.

2] purse to match shoes, or silver/gold

3] if hair is up, wear dangly or chandelier earrings; if hair is down, wear a necklace. Silver, gold; pearls, diamonds, might be able to match to a blue stone like lapis lazilu.

Add a pretty bracelet, or gemstone ring.

TA-DAA! You're gorgeous!
Reply:definatley silver! with silver jewlery
Reply:black or you could also wear white if you could find the right shoe
Reply:Black shoes the best

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